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Our AI-driven bots dynamically manage your crypto portfolio, adapting to market volatility to protect your investments. By analyzing vast amounts of data, our AI predicts market trends, enabling our bots to anticipate changes and make autonomous decisions.

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01. Subscribe

Click here to subscribe to Hodlie—it’s free! Initially, you’ll need to answer five quick questions about yourself. This will help us improve our service.

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Visit our Pricing page to choose one of our PRO plans and kick off your 30-day free trial. You can try it out without any obligation and cancel before the trial period ends.

03. Connect your Binance wallet

Simply connect your Binance wallet to Hodlie using your API key. We have a detailed guide on our platform to help you with the setup.

04. Choose and run your Bot

Select the bot that best fits your needs, decide how much capital you want to invest, and run your bot!

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Dynamic start-up!

Introduced to the world of finance thanks to Hodlie. Dynamic and innovative start-up, with significant chances of a return on investment. The ability to create and manage your own “Bot” sets this app apart from others in the industry.

Hodlie TOP!

I am extremely satisfied with the product launched by Hodlie, as I have finally been able to enter the world of Crypto by entrusting the control of my investments to AI!

High-performing app

Very satisfied with the app launched by Hodlie, as it allows you to enter the world of financial technology without worrying about monitoring your investments daily. Excellent support team.

Have any questions?

What is a trading bot?

With trading bot, we mean a software program that automates trading activity by actively managing the wallet based on specific pre-set parameters and in a completely autonomous manner.

Why is a trading bot better than traditional trading?

Speed and Efficiency: Trading bots can execute trades much faster than humans as they are not limited by physical or emotional constraints. They quickly analyze market data and perform operations in milliseconds, maximizing profit opportunities and reducing the risk of losses.
Consistency: Trading bots follow a set of rules and algorithms that eliminate the possibility of human errors caused by emotions that often interfere with trading decisions. This consistency leads to faster and more accurate operations.
24/7 Availability: Trading bots operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for rest or breaks. This allows constant monitoring of markets and opportunities.
Computational Power: Trading bots have the ability to analyze billions of data points and market information, capabilities that far exceed those of a human trader. This leads to more informed and strategic trading decisions.

What is artificial intelligence?

We have developed a complex architecture of artificial neural networks capable of processing and analyzing billions of financial data. In particular, our models have been trained on various types of combined data: historical data of major cryptocurrencies (such as BTC and ETH), stock market, and major global stock indices, market sentiment analysis, user behavioral models, natural language processing on major financial news of recent years, but also controversial speculations that have led to significant price fluctuations, and more. After being trained, tested, and validated, our AI can listen in real-time to all this information and decide accordingly whether to operate on the market, all in a few milliseconds.

How can i trust AI?

Within the Hodlie platform, there are two fundamental tools that can help evaluate the performance of an AI-based trading bot and gain confidence in its operation: backtesting and Virtual.
Backtesting is the process that allows testing a trading strategy using historical market data and evaluating the performance of a bot over a significant period of time, and seeing how it has performed in the past under different market conditions.
Virtual is a simulated trading environment where bots execute buy and sell operations using a virtual portfolio, allowing users to test bot performance in real-time under different market conditions without risking any capital.
It is important to remember that no trading strategy can guarantee success at all times and that all investments involve risk.

Is Hodlie a regulated platform?

Hodlie (Hodlie s.r.l.) complies with current regulations in Italy. The platform is registered in the special section of the Exchange Register, reserved for providers of services related to the use of virtual currency and providers of digital wallet services (art. 17-bis, paragraphs 8-bis and ter D.Lgs. 141/2010). This register can be consulted on the OAM (Agents and Mediators Organization) portal.