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Risk management is at the heart of our operations. We use AI technology to dynamically manage and mitigate the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading. Our AI-driven platforms continuously analyze vast amounts of market data and trading signals to make informed decisions and adjust strategies in real time.

Our Features

Explore the innovative features of Hodlie, your go-to platform for a smarter approach to cryptocurrency trading!


This feature offers a detailed view of the historical performance of each trading strategy. By leveraging past market data, it allows you to see how various strategies would have performed under different market conditions. This feature provides a comprehensive analysis, helping you understand the robustness of our trading bots.

Virtual Wallet 

Experience the performance of our bots firsthand with the Virtual Wallet—a real-time simulation of our bot’s operations. This dynamic feature allows you to see how our bots operate under various market scenarios, all without risking any capital. The Virtual Wallet serves as the ideal platform to demonstrate the effectiveness of Hodlie’s automated trading strategies in a risk-free, simulated environment.


Powered by Hodlie’s advanced Artificial Intelligence models, this section provides real-time sentiment analysis and relevance assessment of news, showcasing one of the most innovative aspects of our AI capabilities.

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